Remote Mentor Assistance Program (ReMAP)

Besides a recruiter, one of the first Coast Guardsmen a new recruit applicant could interact with is a ReMAP mentor.  ReMAP pairs recruit applicants with Active Duty Coasties before the recruit applicant ships out to boot camp.  The idea is that the mentor will motivate and guide the recruit applicant as they prepare for boot camp and ultimately life as a Coastie. 


That is what ReMAP is, but in order for that to happen there must be a group of Program administrators who make it work! 

ReMAP Coordinator

The coordinators role is to be the visionary who steers the overall program in the direction it needs to be to function properly.  That includes:

ReMAP Mentor

The ReMAP mentor is engaged in assisting and mentoring DEP level Recruit applicants transition into the Coast Guard up to and beyond their first unit.



ReMAP Sharepoint Administrator

The Sharepoint admins role is to manage the EPIC Sharepoint ReMAP related data.  That includes:

ReMAP Email Administrator

The Email admins role is to manage the ReMAP inbox.  That includes: